Turkey - Istanbul Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is the most in Turkey is most of the most is known in Istanbul. In Turkey, Istanbul Teeth Whitening Procedures are welded in Turkey.

In general, teeth whitening methods are decided in accordance with the patient's requests and the recommendations of the dentist. Teeth whitening in Turkey is generally a state of new commonly prevalent.

Turkey is provided with a little late in the mouth treatments in Turkey. In particular, in recent years, it began to take care of the mouth care in Turkey. Teeth whitening operations are an operation in the field of mouth treatments.

Teeth whitening in Turkey, especially preferred for aesthetic angle. Tooth whitening operations in general; is professionally provided by dentists. Today, there are many different teeth whitening methods.

Nowadays, the clinical teeth whitening method is preferred. Dentbul dental clinic offering services in Turkey; It also offers special service options for international customers. The abroad customers are taken from the airport to the accommodation determined by the Dentbul dental clinic.

Both accommodation and transportation services are provided as dental clinical companies.

Why are our teeth yellowing?

 In general, according to experts, why are our teeth yellowing? The responses of the question include the following:

  • Intensive consumption of tea or coffee
  • Some types of food, such as blackberries, leave stains on the teeth
  • Smoking consumption
  • Yellowing occurs in the teeth as a side effect of long-term use of certain types of drugs.
  • the age factor, yellowing occurs due to wear on the teeth.
  • Genetic effects
  • The effect of some acidic foods or beverages
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What is teeth whitening?

Overall, what is the teeth whitening in the ingredient in the curious teeth? The question is happening.

Teeth whitening according to experts; It is the process of cleaning the spots in the plaque areas of the teeth. Laser Zoom Teeth Whitening Teeth Whitening methods are often preferred in recent years, frequently the laser zoom teeth whitening method.

 In teeth whitening method with laser, LED light system is preferred. Great impact on teeth soon. Dentubul has always offer the method of whitening the teeth with laser. Teeth whitening method is applied to customers from abroad with special advantages and laser.

Things to Look Out For After Teeth Whitening

Some of the list of things to look out for after teeth whitening recommended by dentists includes:

  • After application, drugs can be used in some cases for sensitivity in the teeth.
  • Hot or cold food and beverages should not be used in the first week.
  • For the first four days after application, it is necessary to use food varieties that make tooth stains.
  • The selection of toothpaste should be attentive.
  • Teeth need to be brushed regularly.
  • Dental checks should not be disrupted.

Teeth Whitening Treatment Methods

Teeth Whitening treatment methods are the following teeth whitening treatment methods that are used in all the world:

  • Teeth whitening at home
  • Laser teeth whitening
  • Clinical teeth whitening
  • Zoom teeth whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening Usually Teeth Whitening is generally preferred according to the general structure of the teeth of teeth whitening methods. In recent years, the practice of whitening the teeth at home in recent years is more attention. But for all the time, the opinions of dentists should be taken in whitening the teeth.

Teeth Whitening Price in Turkey

Many products used by dentists are purchased in dollars. Therefore, in general, the price of teeth whitening in Turkey is provided in dollars. In today's conditions, teeth whitening prices often change. However, on average, the teeth whitening method for Turkey is approximately 650 dollars. This price may fall or rise according to dental clinical and method types.

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How to Teeth Whitening Laser?

How is laser teeth whitening often prescribed to dentists today? The question is posed. Dentists often offer similar methods in response. The stages of whitening teeth with a laser are provided by;

  • First, the suitability of the teeth for laser treatment method is measured.
  • With the positive result, dental cleaning is provided first for laser treatment method.
  • An apparatus is installed in that area to protect the mouth and lip circumfixal.
  • The process of applying gel to the teeth is provided.
  • Rays are presented to the teeth for 30 seconds.
  • After laser beaming procedures, the teeth are cleaned from the gels.
  • Finally, the protective apparatus is removed.

Teeth Whitening at Home

Recently, teeth whitening at home from teeth whitening methods is at the forefront. In the methods of whitening the teeth at home, the patient's teeth are measured first. Then plaque products are prepared specifically for patients. Prepared records are used daily at certain times. The dentist tells the patient how many hours a day he should use. It covers a treatment process of approximately two weeks. It should be used separately during the day and separately at night.

Clinical Teeth Whitening

Today, there are various names of clinical teeth whitening method among dentists. It is the shortest-term teeth whitening method. It is also the most technological method of teeth whitening. Nowadays it is generally preferred for emergency teeth whitening. Prices are more costly than other teeth whitening methods.

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Laser Teeth Whitening

In general, the laser teeth whitening method is known by the name of the office teeth whitening method. Currently, leds with various types of gels are used in the method of whitening teeth with a laser. In particular, it is the most effective method of teeth whitening. It is one of the methods often recommended by dentists of recent times. Because it is both easy to apply and has a high effect.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

One of the strong methods of whitening teeth is zoom teeth whitening method. With this method, enamel and dents in the teeth are lightened. Thus, the application of whitening of teeth is provided more easily. The immediate effect is seen.