Gum Shield in Turkey

These products, which are used in sports where athletes come into contact with each other and whose name is referred to as gum shields or gums in Turkey,  are protectors with different varieties. Since these are more successful in preventing traumas and make the users feel more comfortable, athletes usually  have their protectors specially made by dentists.  They are simple to use products. Users can easily plug it in and out without needing someone else's help. So, what is the gum shield that has been frequently raised lately?

What is Gum Shield?

In some sports, teeth can be easily damaged. Or athletes can unintentionally bite their tongues and accidents can occur in that adrenaline rush. Gum shield is a product used to overcome such problems. It protects them against the blows that come by wrapping them around the teeth. For athletes who care about oral health and adrenaline sports enthusiasts, using such protective products is a necessity to prevent mishaps.

Why Use a Gum Shield?

Here's why athletes  of all ages are recommended to use a gum shield.

  • Protects oral, cheek, dental health.
  • Reduces the risk of tooth traumas to zero.
  • It allows you to prevent diseases that may occur due to the blows taken in the following periods.
  • It prevents the negative impact of facial development of children, especially in developmental age, due to such sports.

Gum Shield Benefits

If you are starting a sport and are hesitant to use mouth protectors, the benefits of gum shield are as follows.

  • Reduces the intensity of the incoming blow.
  • Prevents serious injuries, especially as a result of biting the tongue and cheek
  • Reduces the chance of teeth breaking.
  • The way the teeth are played, the way they are skugation prevents trauma.
  • It helps adrenaline sports people avoid risks.
  • Prevents long-term injuries.
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Gum Shield Material

Gum shield material, which has many different varieties  , is also a different product. Its varieties made of plastic do not provide much protection. It is usually used in simple protective models. Acrylic or rubber material is used in the preservatives, which allow people to first heat and then bite and take the shape of their teeth. In addition, in specially made oral protective products, the ability to absorb impacts can be used in different materials for the needs of the person who will use them, such as smart plastics or composite materials. 

Gum Shield Damages

We can say that it is a product that does not cause gum shield damage that many athletes have been using for many years  . To date, there is no information in the search engines as to whether there is  a negative result due to the protectors. Simply sharing these products with others can cause your oral health to deteriorate. If you do not pay attention to the storage conditions, these products can hold bacteria. In this case, it can cause gum diseases or tooth decay.


How to Clean Gum Shield

If you have a protective product and are wondering how to clean the gum shield , you can follow these steps.

  • It should be simply cleaned with warm water and soap before each use.
  • You should avoid using hot water, as the use of hot water causes some preservatives to deform.
  • It should be stored in a hard dry as putting weight on it will still cause deformation.
  • Soaking the mouth in a mouthwash and putting it in a sterile box before storing your protector will make it much more hygienic.
  • Since the preservatives are products that need to be stored dry, you should take care that the box you are going to store is air-resy.
  • From time to time, taking it to your dentist and checking the gum shield will help prevent deformations and provide upper flattening protection.
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Gum Shield in Turkey Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pain Occur in Gum Shield Treatment?

Do you need a preservative and pain occurs in the treatment of gum shields? If you're wondering, you can be sure that this process won't hurt you. When you go to a physician for the protector, the mold of your teeth is taken with a special material and special protection is made for you through this mold. That's the whole process.