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Oral care is very important and a matter that needs attention. inadequate oral care when hygiene is not provided, dental decay problems occur on the rotting teeth. Given that it turns into a loss after a while, the need for dental implants began to increase significantly. Dental implants in Turkey for people who have lost their teeth is one of the treatments applied. Painless and at the same time quickly stands out as a successful treatment.

Dental implants is an artificial procedure that will perform the same real dental function. To the jawbone. Thanks to the screw that will be placed, tooth decay treatment and tooth loss will be completed using dentures. By adding a new tooth root to replace the missing teeth, the missing tooth is replaced by a new one. Successfully manufactured dental implants in our country provide a problem-free dental structure. Helps you get effective teeth and capable of achieving 100% success. You must get support from the dental expert to get the job done.

What is a implant?

Implant; artificial tooth root necessary to replace the lost teeth. Treatment applied to people who have lost their teeth for many reasons, known as a method. Eating as a result of successful transplant studies, and You will start to be able to perform all your functions such as talking and chewing easily.

Thanks to the titanium screw placed on the jawbone, you can easily move the jaw muscles. The dentist should be specialized in a sterile environment during implant study. Any interference in the nearby teeth must be performed by the dentist. It ensures that the screw is carefully placed in the jawbone during the operation, One of the things to be careful about is to prevent damage to teeth and other dental roots, A professional dentist should make the implant  because it is a very dangerous application.

The advantages of dental implants

The many advantages of dental implants cause the need to apply these treatment methods happen. If people over the age of 18 have tooth loss problems, they can get their teeth at peace of mind. Take advantage of the implant treatment. The most accurate technique by experts The advantages of dental implants will be many if they are completed through studies. If an arrangement is made about the advantages;

  • No deformation problems in the surrounding teeth after dental implants.
  • Oral care and hygiene will be used for life if given importance.
  • Provides safe and convenient use
  • Start getting a smoother, healthier and more aesthetic appearance after implantation.
  • You can increase your self-confidence by eliminating psychological problems that affect tooth loss and aesthetic problems. You're allowed to get back.
  • You can clean your teeth easily without difficulty.
  • You won't have any problems eating, chewing and talking functions.

If you want to take advantage of these benefits, just contact us. It's going to be. The professional dental implant study is conducted by expert surgeons and treatment you can use it easily afterwards.

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Dental implant defects

Although dental implants are a procedure that has advantages, service is one of the right places Negativity is inevitable when not taken. Visible dental implants. Defects can be explained as follows;

  • Bone structure should be suitable for dental implants. Bone loss problems may occur when you do so.
  • The healing process for those who apply for classic implant treatment is compared to other treatment methods. It's long.
  • The implant must be of high quality. There could be a problem because
  • Materials that are preferred to be used during presentation should be of high quality. It may negatively affect gum health.

From a professional study in Turkey where there is an advantage and not a defect. You can take advantage of. For those coming from Turkey and abroad Special implant treatment services are provided. No problem with implant treatment you can immediately choose us to take advantage of reasonable and affordable service. We will also provide accommodation and accommodation for our valued patients who will come from abroad at the same time. We provide transportation support.

Am I a suitable candidate for the implant?

Your compliance with treatment is important so that the implant takes place without any problems. One of the most important issues we have to highlight in particular is this study. It's suitable for people and above. Can be done in dental studies reviews. It's a safe procedure for people who have lost their teeth. An obstacle to dental implants In order not to happen and start treatment, you are asked the following features;

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Be suitable for transplant treatment, no health problems
  • Suitable bone structure
  • Gum treatment is recommended for people with gum problems.
  • Enough jaw bones as the industrial screw must settle in the jaw

If you say you meet all these conditions, we are the one who has provided excellent service in Turkey. You can contact our specialist dentist.

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Implant Treatment Processes

It's a matter of curiosity what the operation will be like after the implant treatment. In some patients. During a smooth process, some minor problems may occur.

  • Tooth extraction is one of the most important processes in the treatment of implants. Because after the teeth are taken off. The area is then suitable for planting.
  • After opening the gap in the chin area, the implant site follows stitches.
  • The time of healing stitches may vary from person to person.
  • After the stitches have healed, the stitches are removed and the new tooth is attached to the area.

After this period, which covers a maximum of 3 months to 6 months, you will enjoy the healthy life you dream of.

Implant in a Day

It is also possible to get teeth implant in a day When you go to the clinic after the same day operation, new teeth. It's an investigation. One-day transplants are advanced technical processes. Through it it becomes possible. Teeth for you to have a implant in one day. It's enough to apply to clinics. In this way, the necessary technical preparations. Natural and healthy food on the same day without having to wait after it is complete. You'll have your teeth.

What is the success rate of the implant?

The success rate is very important for people who will benefit from implant treatment. Because After the implant treatment is finished, the implant cannot be removed. You need to choose people with a high success rate,

who made a name for himself in this sector when a study was conducted on the success rate of the implant. You can choose us. We have applied for patients who looked for dental implants in Turkey. We helped them get into a happy day with our successful price services.

How long is the implant?

The age of the implant may vary depending on the person. If you provide oral hygiene, You should know that using it can be up to 30 years old. More clear about the age of the implant. If you want information in some way, it will be enough to call our contact number.

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All in 4/6 implant technology

The jaw structure of each patient is not the same. Of course it varies depending on the condition of the jawbone. Technology can be applied. By applying implant technology All on 4/6 , the bottom and upper part of the patient Chin visualization is provided. 4 and 6 implants after filming It's been placement. After a fixed teeth suit is performed, the implant treatment is completed. In general, the implant suit is applied in one day to people who do not have teeth.


Some problems can be observed with regard to the jawbone of the patient who will undergo transplant treatment. In such a case, the patient will need to develop jawbone powder. In the absence of a bone in the area where the implant will be placed, bone powder can be used on it. The implant is done.

Planting prices in Turkey

Implantation is one of the best treatment methods for people who have lost their teeth and have difficulties. It works. How much will the prices of planting in Turkey benefit from these studies Important for people with however, a comparison has been made with countries other than Turkey. At the same time, we can say that the prices of implant treatment in Turkey are at a more reasonable level. Depending on the surgical methods to be applied, there may be a change in prices.

How is dental implants performed?

Tooth deficiency can affect people in terms of speech, eating function and beauty. It starts to cause problems. Not only that, but also in the area with lost teeth, time over time, problems such as osteoporosis may occur. Because of dental implants. Bone problems will be greatly reduced. Teeth and teeth In order to protect the health of the body, dental implants must be performed. Physically and psychologically, This treatment should be applied to restore a sense of self-confidence.

There may be many questions that bother people who will undergo dental implants. People may be in a state of anxiety before starting treatment. Especially dental implants. We can say that how to do this is one of the most curious questions. To do implant the treatment. For people who will start treatment, the treatment method is done as follows;

  • Before starting implant treatment, your dentist will perform a test first.
  • During the examination, the structure and state of the jawbone are determined by the examiner
  • After the examination, a decision is made as to whether dental implants are suitable for the individual given
  • Work begins in a safe and healthy environment suitable for treatment.
  • Local anesthesia is applied so that the person does not feel any pain.
  • After anesthesia of the area to be implanted, a titanium nail is inserted into the jawbone, Carefully crafted
  • With the first stage of treatment which is a painless method of dental implantation drawn. With the tooth removed, the void is filled with implantation.
  • The other way to be used in the treatment of implantation is closed treatment.
  • The implant is placed in the open cavity by opening the cavity.

If you want to have a faster implant treatment and in one step, then ask for  laser for teeth and you can apply for implant treatment.  In addition, phases three and four will apply implant treatment. There are also treatment methods. With the methods applied to the mini mucosa The implant is performed directly.

The implant treatment, which we will describe as the last stage, will be performed by surgeons. It is a traditional treatment for implantation. Opening a small gap in the jawbone by surgeon Work happens. After placing the implant in the open space, the stitches are placed. for the welds It will be taken about a week after surgical intervention.

Dental implant brands in Turkey

The use of high-quality materials is critical when performing dental implants. The use of substances does not adversely affect the health of teeth and gums. That's why dentistry, Places that use high quality materials for transplantation are selected. With regard to transplant brands in Turkey When searched.

  • Iti Stromin
  • Nobel Biocare
  • Ritter
  • Ostem
  • Uminish
  • Active Supra

We can say it is. Accordingly, you should use high-quality implant materials before treatment. You can get permanent and healthy teeth by choosing us.

Why should Dentbul  be better for teeth implant in Turkey?

Because dental health is very important, the place of your choice should be of good quality. Dentbul use with its experts in the field, high quality materials and healthy environments. It's one of the most successful treatments required. Also for those coming from abroad. It offers services such as hotel booking and transportation. One of the therapeutic clinics with a high success rate

Dental Implants in Turkey - Istanbul Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat hard stuff on the implant?

The process after implant treatment is important. During It its recommended also useful not to eat. Eat more soft and harsh foods. This way it will prevent solid foods from damaging dental implants.