Smile Design in Turkey

We Make You Smile Like Hollywood Stars By Designing Your New Smile In Turkey

Smile design service is provided in Turkey to make the teeth made with the help of veneers look more beautiful and aesthetic. In this treatment, which is among the aesthetic treatment methods, teeth whitening, gingival correction, lip shaping and zirconium coatings are performed. Many different procedures are applied to ensure that people have a beautiful smile. We can easily state that the smile design practice has been applied at a very high level in Turkey recently.

Both oral and dental procedures are performed. It is a procedure that both men and women have done recently. Thanks to this process, people gain self-confidence. In addition, the corrections made in the mouth and tooth structure contribute to the healthier use of the teeth. The increasing interest in smile design also increases the number of clinics providing services in this field. Precisely in this context, it is essential to choose a professional clinic for smile design!

Hollywood Smile in Turkey

A beautiful smile allows people to spread good energies around them and increase their self-confidence. Smile is an important factor for people to make a good impression on their surroundings. Just as aesthetics is applied in areas such as lips, eyes or eyebrows, aesthetics can also be applied to our smile. We can easily express that the Hollywood smile design has been very popular recently, especially.

Therefore, Hollywood smile is one of the most frequently applied aesthetic treatments in Turkey. In this treatment, tooth curvature, gap or deficiency is eliminated. In addition, stains and pigments on the teeth are cleaned. If necessary, defects in the mouth and jaw structure are also repaired with various coatings. At this point, we can say that such designs are made at a high level in our country.

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What to Do for a Hollywood Smile?

The first area to pay attention to when chatting with someone is our face. It is important that the facial features and smile are beautiful and healthy. What can be done for a Hollywood smile can be listed as follows;

  • First of all, attention should be paid to oral and dental care.
  • With the help of orthodontics, disorders in the mouth and tooth structure can be eliminated.
  • The gaps found before the patient's teeth are cut should be filled.
  • Treatment can be applied for gum problems.
  • The incompatibility of the teeth with the lip and cheek is regulated.
  • Teeth with color unevenness are whitened.
  • Broken teeth are completed with aesthetics without cutting.
  • Broken or crooked teeth are covered with zirconium veneer.
  • Implants can be made to replace missing teeth.

In today's conditions, it is essential to get support from experts in this field in order to make smile design at a high level. However, in this way, it will be possible to receive a high level of service.

How to Smile Design?

Smile design, which is the aesthetic method used by those who want to change their smile and mouth structure, is done as follows;

  • First of all, it is necessary to determine the smile that will suit the facial features of the person.
  • All the youth photos of the patients and the smile pictures they like should be brought along with the relevant documents.
  • Treatment is explained in detail via the digital application.
  • Clinical treatments begin to be implemented.
  • If there are teeth that need to be extracted, first of all, the teeth are extracted by performing a surgical operation.
  • Orthodontic treatment is applied to correct crooked teeth.
  • Braces treatment can also be applied in long-term treatments.
  • Missing teeth are completed with implants.
  • Caries in the tooth are regulated by aesthetic filling.
  • Pink aesthetic is applied to provide gingival pigmentation.
  • Teeth whitening process is applied.
  • Laminated tooth treatment is applied with a zirconium crown bridge.
  • Trials are made before zirconium is applied.
  • Optionally, color or form changes are reported to the doctor.
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What are the Advantages of Smile Design?

Those who want to rebuild their own smile can apply to smile design aesthetics. The advantages of smile design can be listed as follows;

  • The first impression left on the environment is positive and energetic.
  • The external appearance is quite beautiful.
  • It is an important factor for people in every profession and its impact is high.
  • A smile that suits natural-looking facial features and chin is obtained.
  • The colors of the teeth and palate appear evenly.
  • Disturbing stains on the teeth are removed.
  • Gums appear more lively and healthy.
  • Caries on teeth are removed.
  • The defect in the mouth structure is corrected.
  • A beautiful smile occurs with shining teeth.

What are the Disadvantages of Smile Design?

Although smile design does not have any harm or negative effects in general, it has disadvantages as in every aesthetic treatment method. Disadvantages of smile design;

  • Treatment may be incomplete or incorrect if not performed by a correct physician.
  • Physical and emotional problems may arise in case of a smile different from the one that fits the facial features.
  • If this costly and long-term treatment gives the wrong result, much more cost and time may be required to correct it.
  • If the patient does not pay attention to oral and dental care, the treatment may wear out over time.

Hollywood Smile Prices in Turkey

Hollywood smile prices in Turkey vary according to the number of teeth, the structure of the mouth, the frequency of the areas to be treated and the procedures applied. Enough time and money should be invested for smile design aesthetics. It is important to talk to a suitable and qualified physician beforehand about the cost. In the light of all this information, smile design is always presented at a high level in Turkey.

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