About Us
About Us

Dentbul : Europe's largest dental complex

With more than 10 years of experience, Dentbul has embraced the principle of providing high levels of health services at cheap prices.  It is an international health institution that has adopted an international service.

Our patients are from many parts of the world, especially from Europe and the Middle East, With accurate and reliable dental service with our team, which we consider to Help them.  We see health as a whole, we are with you in solving your dental treatments. implant treatment,

Reliable for a wide range of dental problems We offer options  from zirconium, porcelain cortex, dentistry and orthodontics

With our team of specialist doctors, our qualified clinic and the administrative staff, all treatment. We are with you in your transactions and we provide you with transportation and accommodation services.

Why Dentbul?

Quality and high-level service on which Dentbul  relies in oral and dental health treatments, When the economic price policy is combined with a reasonable price, it stands out as the ideal address for health tourism. Out. Easy communication with guests while prioritising English, Arabic and German.

We have a staff that can establish and direct. Establishment and location of the clinic in Istanbul. Dentbul  offers airport reception and farewell services for guests coming from abroad and during treatment. Health tourism with full continuity of services and planning of the treatment process in residence. Aims to grow ambitiously in its field.

About Us
About Us

Our Quality Standards

The principle of our employees with the philosophy of "everything" is to meet the expectations of our valued customers on time, By meeting customer satisfaction at the highest level in terms of quality and legislative requirements. Through our trained staff, hard work and punctuality, we adhere to the requirements of the quality management system and It is possible to manage the business perfectly, in addition to customer satisfaction and brand

Our ultimate goal is to attract customers who recommend brand services. As a Dentbul  agent Areas of satisfaction, improvement and development are identified in business processes and necessary Take action and determine the perceived quality of service as a result of improving business processes and customer satisfaction. We aim to increase loyalty.

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