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Root canal treatment is a high quality service area for Turkey. Infection or nerve damage in age for various reasons. Then in case of hypovitamin these nerves are removed from the tooth with special tools and root removal. The process of filling channels is called root canal treatment. Turkey Root Therapy It is applied by specialist doctors in Istanbul. Successful implementation of this method brought with it many advantages.

In this way, tooth loss is reduced and negative effects such as pain and cold sensitivity are reduced. Attitudes have been eliminated and the patient has been able to use his teeth for many years without any problems. For this reason, many people open the doors of dentists with outstanding titles such as professors in Istanbul. Chooses treatment in clinics. Moreover, the treatment received is very affordable. It's an added advantage for patients.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment, developed as an alternative to tooth removal, is an effective treatment method. First The part where the tooth is located is sedated and cleaned from decay.  Although applications have been developed to prevent tooth loss, doctors do so we think it's appropriate to keep their teeth as much as possible.

What are the symptoms of root canal treatment?

Since tooth decay and inflammation of nerves usually show similar symptoms, It can be mixed. In general, these two problems can be clearly distinguished from each other using X-rays taken from dentists. It can be separated. In the case of possible neuroinitis, the following symptoms of root canal treatment visible.

  • Severe tooth pain is almost unbearable
  • The color of the tooth begins to darken and turns gray
  • The composition of the abscess in age
  • Bulge in the face with the formation of an abscess
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How are roots treated?

How root canal treatment works for most patients, it is a scary treatment for patients. Looking. If we need to explain this process briefly;

  • First of all, the part where the tooth is located is numbed
  • By carving the inner part of the tooth, the two age canals are accessed and the tooth is cleaned of decay.
  • The pulp and nerves are then removed from the root canals with a perforated tool.
  • In order to clean the affected part of the bacteria, medical cotton is placed inside the tooth and
  • The tooth is closed with temporary filler. Depending on the size of the problem, this process can be performed several times.
  • These channels are filled with insulating material and sealed with heat.
  • To prevent bacteria from entering the channels and create a new problem the channels must be complete X-rays are taken to make sure they are filled.
  • The tooth is then closed with fillers as in the normal filling process.

Root canal processes

The root canal is processed by the number of roots in the tooth and the frequency of the cleansing process. You can find the week. We can list the treatment process as follows.

  • X-ray of tooth nerve injury
  • Cleaning the tooth from decay and going down to the pulp
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the tooth of bacteria
  • Determining whether the operation is successful or not
  • Review channels and dental fillers

What does root canal treatment include?

From the first examination of the patient to the treatment of the root canal in dental clinics and the detection of the problem. Treatment begins with the removal and filling of infected tooth tissues as desired by the patient. It would not be wrong to say that everything is covered until it is complete. Treatment of the patient by specialist doctorsTake her away. In adverse situations that will occur during the treatment process, patients can contact the clinic andYou can receive support and benefit from emergency response when necessary.

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What are the advantages of root canal treatment?

The canal that we can call the last treatment before tooth extraction aims to save people's main teeth. The advantages of treatment can be listed as follows.

  • Prevents tooth loss
  • Use age without any problems for many years after treatment by specialist doctors It's going to be possible.
  • It is a very economic treatment.
  • The healing process takes much shorter than the tooth extraction.

What are the drawbacks of root canal treatment?

If the root canal treatment you have applied to your teeth is performed by specialist doctors, it will have a negative impact on you. You won't. However, if you do not choose the clinic you have done correctly, the following defects for root canal treatment. You may come across.

  • If the roots are adequately cleaned and the bacteria are not removed, the infection problem may return.
  • You may have to take off your tooth without skipping the root canal processing process. It's going to vibrate.

Prices of root root treatment in Turkey

Although it is a service provided by specialist doctors, the prices of root canal treatment in Turkey are very reasonable. Treatment fees depend on the state of age to be treated and the number of channels in age. differs. For example, a plant with gangrene roots cannot become infected.  Dental treatment is much longer and more difficult. Comprehensive knowledge of root canal treatment Research or study on a topic makes it possible to access such services at an affordable price.

Root Canal Processing Turkey - Istanbul Frequently Asked Questions

What complaints do you require root canal treatment?

In the case of an infection in the roots of the teeth, patients first complain of pain. In addition, in some cases, tooth allergies can appear. The abscess in the body, the appearance of white wounds and the differentiation of the color of the gums are a sign of the roots of the teeth. It may indicate the problem.