Dental Veneers in Turkey

Oral care is very important in terms of dental health. As a result of insufficient oral care, caries, fractures, fissures, etc. Several effects were observed. The most specific solution to these problems is dental veneers treatment. In Turkey, dental veneers are made using the most special materials with a 100% success rate. While coatings eliminate negative effects in terms of health, they also provide many advantages in terms of aesthetics.

It does not cause yellowing of the teeth or tooth fractures, a pleasant aesthetic appearance on the teeth. This negative image is eliminated by choosing the most suitable type of paint for the individual. Front teeth in particular are very important to people's self-confidence in social life. Formed in the teeth in the anterior region. All problems such as tooth decay, fractures, yellowing or cracks are treated with dental coating. Dental veneers have a long service life. Dental veneers are the best solutions for both healthy teeth and healthy smiles.

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are done to find solutions to missing teeth or negative images from an aesthetic point of view due to various reasons. People with such problems often ask what dental veneers are. The type of treatment applied to restore tooth losses is called dental veneers. The best treatment method that is applied as a result of not treating dental injuries with fillings is dental veneers. Coatings are always hygienic and long lasting. Do not create any obstacle in people's actions in their daily life.

Types of paint

All treatment methods developed in oral and dental health are also valid in coatings. occur in age. Dental problems such as fractures, cavities, discoloration, cracks and separation are best treated with dental veneers. Coatings are ideal for the disappearance of an unsightly aesthetic appearance. It is possible to find a suitable type of paint for everyone. For this, attention is paid to the structure of the teeth and bones. All veneers treatments in Turkey give very successful results. Coatings are the most ideal solutions for a natural look.


Zirconium is one of the most common materials used in the treatment of dental veneers. Zirconium is a very hard material. For this reason, it provides an effective dental treatment process. Zirconium veneers are a treatment method chosen for people who are most interested in aesthetics. It is a specially recommended method for people with crooked and missing teeth. Because it is a long-lasting substance and form of treatment, it is among the most preferred types of veneers among dentists.


Teeth are one of the healthy stages that need the most attention in a person's life. People have many problems regarding oral and dental health. These problems are; There can be a gap in the teeth, rotten, crooked, or yellow teeth. Porcelain offers the best paint treatment in the industry. Aesthetically, porcelain teeth give a natural appearance and do not affect actions such as eating and chewing.


The best type of veneers is the lamination of teeth affected by trauma and in situations that prevent an aesthetic smile. Experts also recommend laminate veneers for people who haven't seen results from whitening treatments. In this treatment method, a dental filling technique is applied. Thus, a natural smile is obtained.

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Materials used in dental veneers

The materials used in dental treatments, especially in dental veneers, are intriguing. Several materials are used in dental veneers depending on the treatment method. This material is under constant development all over the world. This leads to better treatment. It also provides a more robust development of each method in the coating area. Veneed teeth look very natural. At the same time, it is still maintained in the same way. The most commonly used materials in dental veneers;

  • Zirconium
  • Porcelain
  • Metal İngot Porcelain
  • Full Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Laminated

When turkey dental veneers stand out, we've found very successful applications. It is also possible to successfully apply dental veneers, especially thanks to the applied new generation equipment.

Dental veneers stages

  • In the treatment of dental veneers, first of all, the method of treatment that will be used is determined.
  • Teeth cleaning begins with measuring the teeth.
  • During dental cleaning, molds are placed on the tooth, and it is understood whether the tooth has reached the desired shape.
  • If the molds do not fit the tooth, the cleaning process continues until this is done.
  • Veneers that take the appropriate shape are passed onto the tooth.
  • Dental veneers applied to the teeth are glued with adhesives made of special materials.
  • After all these stages, the tooth is freed from caries and non-cosmetic appearance.
  • The stages of dental veneers are completed in a few sessions depending on the type of veneers.

Considerations after dental veneers

  • Teeth should be brushed twice a day.
  • Special items should be used to clean leftovers after meals.
  • It is absolutely necessary to go for observation twice a year.
  • You should take the medicines recommended by the doctor for the pain that occurs after the coating has been treated.
  • Dental floss should be used regularly.
  • Hard-shelled foods should not be crushed with teeth.
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Dental Veneers in Turkey Frequently Asked Questions

Do dental veneers cause pain?

Pain after oral and dental treatments is completely normal. People who receive dental veneers also wonder if veneers cause pain. In some cases, it is normal to feel pain. The medicines prescribed by the doctor should be used regularly.