Dental Crowns in Turkey

In Turkey, dental crowns are applied in accordance with international quality standards.

Dental veneers or dental crowns are one of the treatments that can be applied to create a beautiful smile. There are many dental clinics in Turkey that have been approved by institutions abroad that perform dental crowns treatment. In these clinics, where specialist doctors serve, you can protect your teeth and have white and healthy-looking teeth by covering your teeth with zirconium-reinforced porcelain or ceramic material with the latest model treatment and examination instruments.

What are Dental Crowns?

Every person desires to look well-groomed and stylish. It is one of the organs that contribute to this in the teeth. But some people's teeth can be genetically yellowish. As the teeth decay over time, they can take on a grayish color or break the teeth due to problems such as clenching. Here, the treatment we call a dental crown is a restoration process. In addition to making the tooth look aesthetically pleasing, its functional contributions are also great. It is done by reducing the tooth and placing a veneer on it.

Our Dental Crown Laboratory Center

The dental veneer process is a laborious process that can take a long time. The clinic where you are treated is of great importance in the fast and painless treatment. Our Dentbul dental crown laboratory center, which is a dental clinic incorporating modern equipment, is one of the clinics that uses the materials of quality brands in their treatments. In addition, the dentists they work with are experts in their field and can perform the diagnosis and treatment in the most accurate way. Your teeth treated in this clinic will not cause you any problems for a long time.

In Turkey – Istanbul Dental Crown Treatment Stages

Dental crown treatment, which many patients are afraid to have, is painless and comfortable, although it is a little troublesome in expert hands. Istanbul dental crown treatment stages in Turkey are as follows.

  • First of all, patients are met at the airport and dropped off at their hotels by private vehicles.
  • If the patient wants to rest and does not want to rest the next day, he is brought to the clinic on the same day and the teeth are checked first.
  • If there are cavities in the teeth to be covered, their fillings and root canal treatments are performed first.
  • Then the teeth are prepared for veneer and impressions are taken.
  • The color of the crowns to be made with the patients is decided.
  • At this point, temporary crowns are placed on the teeth so that the patients can go through the process more comfortably.
  • The rehearsals of the permanent crowns are taken and the veneers are prepared in a way that will make the patient most comfortable and look most natural.
  • Then the patient's permanent crowns are attached and they are given 1 week to try these veneers.
  • If the patient has no complaints, they are dropped off at the airport and sent off to their country with their beautiful smiles.
Temporary Dental Crowns

Temporary Dental Crowns

It can take a long time to measure and rehearse the formed teeth during the coating process of the teeth. During this period, the reduced teeth become very sensitive because the enamel layer on them has been stripped. In addition, since these teeth are easily broken, the teeth can be easily damaged while the patient is feeding. In order to avoid these situations, temporary dental crowns are placed on the teeth until permanent tooth coatings are made. It is ensured that the patient passes through the process in a much more comfortable way.

Porcelain or Ceramic Crowns in Turkey

Porcelain or ceramic crowns, which are the most used in dental veneers, are best applied in Turkey. There is no metal cover in them. This is an alternative especially for patients who are sensitive to metals. Their life span is between 5 and 15 years, depending on the care and use of the patient. Patients who want a natural look prefer this material.

CAD CAM Technology

In the classical dental veneer treatment, the patient should visit the clinic for at least 3 and 4 sessions in order to take measurements so that the teeth can be placed in the mouth correctly and to rehearse for an aesthetic appearance. Therefore, treatment can take weeks. CAD/CAM technology is supported by computer software. Thanks to this method, the necessity of taking measurements is eliminated. By means of a camera integrated into the software, the inside of the mouth is viewed in a single session, the measurement is taken and the design is made. Thus, both the patient and the dentist have a more effortless process.

Types of Dental Crowns

Although there are many different types of crowns, the most well-known types of dental crowns are metal-supported porcelain crowns, zircon-supported porcelain crowns, impres porcelains, porcelain laminate. The coatings made on fixed prostheses made of metals such as nickel or gold are called metal-supported. Zircon backed veneers are applied to people who are allergic to metals. Unsupported coatings made of compressed porcelain without any support are called impres coating. Veneers made with leaf porcelain are called porcelain laminate.

CAD CAM Technology
Dental Crown Prices in Turkey

Fully Resin Crowns in Turkey

Completely resin crowns, the use of which has decreased considerably with the arrival of new alternatives, can be applied to people who want cheap solutions in Turkey. It would not be wrong to say that it lacks aesthetics in terms of appearance. It is not a long-lasting coating material. It can break or wear out when pressure is applied to it.

Metal Infused Porcelain Crowns in Turkey

Metal-infused porcelain crowns with a metal layer inside are a solution produced in Turkey as an alternative for those who do not want an all-porcelain or all-metal coating. Although it is not as durable as metal, a natural appearance can be created.

Dental Crown Prices in Turkey

Since each patient's request is different from each other, the prices of dental crowns in Turkey vary according to the procedure to be performed. If the tooth needs a treatment such as filling or root canal treatment before the treatment, these treatments affect the price. Prices may increase or decrease depending on the coating material chosen by the patient and the number of teeth to be coated.

Dental Crowns in Turkey Frequently Asked Questions

Since there are many dentists who are experts in their field, is the dental crown of good quality in Turkey?  The answer to that question is definitely yes.  Physicians, who know the effect of the process on patients, act extremely sensitively and work diligently because they know the importance people give to their teeth.

Those who are curious about the duration of the dental veneer process write to the search engines how long the dental crown treatment takes in Turkey.  It is difficult to give a clear answer on this matter.  If the teeth do not need to be treated from the front, the veneer process can be completed in 2 sessions lasting a few hours.  In other words, your teeth are prepared and coated in a period of 1 week.  However, if a decay is detected in the teeth, the process will be prolonged as they will need treatment.

When the patients who have had dental veneers are asked when to eat after dental crown treatment, give 1 hour for the teeth to sit in place and the adhesive to set, then we can say that you can eat as you wish.  In general, the coatings made by qualified physicians are used without any problems, but trying not to consume very cold or hot drinks during that day will prevent complications that may arise.

If you are wondering how long the dental crown treatment lasts in our country, we can say that the process has been shortened by the use of state-of-the-art devices in dentistry.  In about a week, you can have your teeth covered and have a beautiful smile.

One of the biggest fears of patients who come to have their teeth done is pain.  For this reason, patients ask if it hurts when wearing crowns.  In response to this, we can say that you can be sure that you will not feel any pain during the procedure.  Since the area is anesthetized during the preparation of the teeth, the patient does not feel pain.  When the veneers are placed, the procedure is completed without the patient experiencing pain, since it is simply placed on the reduced tooth.

Patient Testimonials

The impressions of our patients about the completed treatment processes.

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