Aesthetic Prostheses in Turkey

Since aesthetic prostheses are always offered at international quality standards in Turkey, we can talk about the existence of high-level applications.

Aesthetic prosthesis procedures are generally at the forefront in Turkey.  In particular, the interest in aesthetic prosthesis has increased day by day.  For this reason, aesthetic prostheses have developed more rapidly in Turkey recently.

Today, the aesthetic structure of the teeth is as important as oral health.  Visually high quality teeth;  It is very effective for the overall appearance.  Especially recently, the sense of aesthetics in the teeth is experienced more intensely.  Aesthetic prosthesis applications are frequently provided in Turkey today.  Dentbul company offers the aesthetic prosthesis application all over Turkey.  It has been included in the aesthetic prosthesis service by considering all the details for its guests from abroad.

In general, there are two types of aesthetic prosthesis application methods, fixed and removable.  Dentbul works with professional teams in both application methods.  For this reason, it regularly offers aesthetic prosthesis services in Turkey for both domestic and international markets.

In the field of dental health and development, both the general health of the teeth and their aesthetic structures are at the forefront.  Because aesthetic teeth are needed especially for healthy smiles.  Preferences for the application of aesthetic prostheses in Turkey are increasing day by day.  In general, aesthetic prosthesis;  It is the aesthetic use of prosthesis for the missing tooth parts in the mouth.

With prosthesis types, the inside of the mouth is used more functionally.  Functional prosthetic teeth as well as normal teeth are preferred to replace missing teeth.  With their aesthetic structures, they prevent the deterioration of the general appearance.

What is Aesthetic Prosthesis?

Nowadays, aesthetic prosthesis application is frequently asked about dental aesthetics.  aesthetic prosthesis;  It is the name of the application that provides a visually natural appearance of dental prostheses.  In general, teeth can be lost after a certain age.  This situation both prevents the use of the inside of the mouth and spoils the visuality.  Therefore, aesthetic prosthesis application is often preferred.

Am I Suitable for Aesthetic Prosthesis?

The aesthetic structures of the teeth are affected by various factors.  For the use of aesthetic prosthesis, certain conditions must be present in the patients.  First of all, your teeth must be missing for aesthetic prosthesis application.  In general, some routine health checks are carried out to understand whether it is suitable for the application of aesthetic prostheses.  At this stage, the advice of the specialist dentist is valuable.

What is Aesthetic Prosthesis?
How is Aesthetic Prosthesis Applied?

How is Aesthetic Prosthesis Applied?

Aesthetic prosthesis application throughout the world is the same everywhere.  Technically, aesthetic prosthesis application is provided by the following stages;

  • The patient is examined in detail.
  • Necessary measurement procedures are provided.
  • The measurements taken are transferred to the models.
  • Prostheses are prepared with models.
  • Color selections are provided for prostheses.
  • Rehearsal application is provided.
  • According to the rehearsal situation, prosthesis installation procedures are provided.

What are Fixed Prosthesis Stages?

In general, fixed prosthesis procedures are always preferred today.  Because fixed prostheses are suitable for the general oral condition of many people.  Today, the fixed prosthesis stages are as follows;

  • First, the necessary measurements are taken for the prostheses.
  • Then, the necessary infrastructure rehearsals for the prostheses are provided.
  • Porcelain proofs are provided over the model.
  • Finally, fixed prosthesis application is provided, taking into account the patient's reactions during the rehearsals.

How is Aesthetic Prosthesis Used?

Today, healthy tooth appearance is often provided with aesthetic prosthesis types.  In general, the use of aesthetic prosthesis is provided by the following stages;

  • For the first few weeks, there will be a period of getting used to the prostheses.
  • Their use varies according to the types of prosthesis.
  • Special cleaners are always used in the use of prostheses.
  • Aesthetic prostheses are used by paying attention to nutritional habits.
  • Dentist controls should not be interrupted in the use of aesthetic prostheses.

Dentbul takes care of the next stage processes in the aesthetic dental prosthesis application.  When necessary, it picks up its customers at the airport and offers accommodation.  Dentbul always offers various possibilities for healthy dental use.

How is Aesthetic Prosthesis Used?
Hareketli ve Sabit Protez Arasındaki Farklar Nelerdir?

What are the Differences Between Removable and Fixed Prosthesis?

They often experience selection problems in the process of choosing dental prostheses.  In general, we can list the differences between removable and fixed prosthesis as follows;

  • It can also be preferred for a single tooth in fixed prostheses;  but there is no single tooth application in removable dentures.
  • In removable prostheses;  prostheses can be removed, but such a situation is not possible in fixed prostheses.
  • In general, the application process of removable prostheses takes a shorter time.

Fixed prostheses are more practical to use.

What is Cosmetic Prosthetic Material?

Sometimes different cosmetic materials are needed in the use of aesthetic teeth.  In general, whitening products are definitely included in the list of aesthetic cosmetic prosthetic materials that are frequently preferred today.  In addition, adhesive gels are often preferred for safer use of prostheses.  Special toothpaste and brush types are generally available in sets in the market.

Aesthetic Prosthesis Prices in Turkey

With the advancement of age, many people today look at dental prostheses more positively.  Because with the advancement of age, the usage functions of the teeth decrease.  This situation creates a lot of trouble in daily life.

In general, aesthetic prosthesis prices in Turkey vary according to prosthesis selection and treatment process.  Therefore, it is impossible to present the exact prices of aesthetic prosthesis.  Dentbul always offers both professional and affordable services in aesthetic prosthesis treatment processes.

Aesthetic Prostheses in Turkey Frequently Asked Questions

The number of people considering aesthetic prosthesis is increasing day by day. In Dentbul dental clinic, answers to all questions are offered by experts. In particular, the treatment processes are completed by providing detailed information during the application processes. Thus, the use of aesthetic prosthesis takes place in a healthier way. Because, in general, the details that need to be considered in the use of aesthetic prosthesis are intense.

The general use of teeth is very valuable in nutritional stages.  The thought of eating with dentures is not ideal for many people.  In general terms;  One of the advantages of using aesthetic prosthesis is that there is an obstacle to eating.  This is particularly advantageous for everyday life.  With aesthetic prostheses, you can eat foods as you wish.  During the eating period, aesthetic prosthesis problems do not occur.

Many people do not like the fact that the use of prosthesis is understood from the outside.  But due to the natural construction of aesthetic prostheses;  incomprehensible from the outside.  For this reason, many people today prefer aesthetic prostheses with peace of mind.

Dental aesthetics are generally preferred to facilitate daily life.  However, the duration of dental aesthetic processes sometimes negatively affects daily life. Therefore, the duration of aesthetic prosthesis treatment for Turkey is often wondered.  In general, these periods vary according to aesthetic prosthesis treatment methods.  But on average, the duration of the aesthetic prosthesis takes about 1.5 months.  This period of time may decrease or increase depending on the treatment situation.

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